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Zakery's B-day04/011:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/0110:00AM
Kalisto birthday 04/0112:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/036:00PM
Luke and Josh Birthday Party04/045:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/057:00PM
$15 Dollar Day!04/052:00PM
****Governor's Academy Laser Tag Night04/066:30PM
Open to Public All Day04/062:00PM
Night Pass!!04/068:00PM
Zach Birthday04/073:15PM
Open to Public All Day04/0711:00AM
Night Pass!!04/078:00PM
Kaiden's Birthday04/074:00PM
Quinton Birthday04/071:30PM
Andrews 16th Birthday04/0711:00AM
Ava B-day04/073:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/0810:00AM
Silas Birthday 04/081:00PM
Travis Birthday04/083:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/106:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/127:00PM
$15 Dollar Day!04/122:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/132:00PM
Night Pass!!04/138:00PM
Riley and Braden04/1412:30PM
Open to Public All Day04/1411:00AM
Night Pass!!04/148:00PM
Laser tag @ Sunday River04/141:30PM
Open to Public All Day04/1510:00AM
School Break! 04/1611:00PM
Bryant University04/178:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/176:00PM
School Break! 04/1711:00PM
Elijah Birthday04/1811:30PM
Room to Bloom 04/181:00PM
School Break Brings BOUNCE DAY04/1811:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/197:00PM
$15 Dollar Day04/1911:00PM
Bounce Day!04/1911:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/202:00PM
Night Pass!!04/208:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/2111:00AM
Night Pass!!04/2112:00PM
Ralph and Charlie Birthday04/221:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/2210:00AM
Alpha Tau Omega at UMO04/2212:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/246:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/267:00PM
$15 Dollar Day!04/262:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/272:00PM
Night Pass!!04/278:00PM
Loring Job Corps Laser Tag Fun Day04/276:00PM
Marissa Birthday!04/283:30PM
Anton Birthday04/2811:00AM
Open to Public All Day04/2811:00AM
Night Pass!!04/288:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/2910:00AM
University of Maine Spring Fling04/2912:00PM
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G-Force Laser Tag

The Project Graduation Idea that will last a lifetime.


It's a rite of passage, a night to be proud, to celebrate past achievements, and to look forward to the future.

The original Project Graduation event idea grew out of a wave of tragedies that occurred in 1987 and 1988 in Maine. Every year students get killed in drug and alcohol related accidents on graduation night. Graduation night and prom night are statistically the two most deadly nights for high school teenagers.

Project Graduation is a HUGE endeavor, and it takes many people to make it work!

Project Graduation will treat the senior class to a night to remember.

G-Force Laser Tag is a safe, fun and inexpensive way to celebrate your students Project Graduation event. We will make it not just a night to remember, but a unique experience that will help secure those special relationships your students will reflect on for years to come.

G-Force Laser Tag will help reduce the work load of your project graduation by having an experienced team takeover the laser tag aspect of your Project Graduation. We'll free up a lot of your time because from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave we provide a hands off, worry free event for you.

At G-Force Laser Tag we will not only provide all the laser tag equipment and props for an exhilarating night for your student's celebration, we also provide a DJ, sound equipment and music the kids really enjoy.

We Know offer a Giant 26' x 26' bounce house, jousting and boxing arena. the kids & adults love to try their skills against each other in this adult size bounce house.

Let G-Force Laser Tag be part of your student's memories that last a lifetime.


Give us a call today for ideas for your Senior Year drug and alcohol free Project Graduation party & Graduation games. G-force Laser Tag can help you make your Graduation an inexpensive memorable experience for your Senior class.


Project Grad Idea: LIVE ACTION LASER TAG AT ITS BEST! G-force Laser Tag Project Graduation Maine

In this ultimate Project Graduation adventure,

You Don't Just Play The Game,
You're in it For REAL!

G-force Laser Tag Project Grad How-To Manual

With G-Force Laser Tag you will be learning how to play in a team environment this type of roleplaying game can help you build self-confidence, strategy through interactive play & strangthen bonds between you and your frends. It is also just plain FUN!!!
Event NameDateTime
Crittenden County High School Project Grad05/25/1812:00 PM
Center Drive School06/01/184:00 PM
Caribou High School Project Grad06/03/1811:00 PM
Greely High School Project Grad 201806/03/187:00 PM
John Bapst Project Grad06/03/188:00 PM
Fort Kent Elementary School06/04/1812:00 PM
Fort Kent Community High School Senior Week06/04/186:00 PM
Winslow High School Project Grad06/06/187:00 PM
Lawrence High School Project Grad06/07/1812:00 AM
Messalonskee High School Project Grad06/07/1812:00 PM
Presque Isle Project Grad06/08/189:30 PM
White Mountain Regional High School Project Grad06/08/189:00 PM
Hall Dale Project Grad06/09/1810:30 PM
Gardiner Area High School Project Grad06/09/1810:00 PM
St. James School 8th Grad Graduation06/09/183:00 PM
Westbrook High School Project Grad06/09/189:00 PM
Leavitt Area High School Project Grad06/10/187:30 PM
Wells High School Project Grad06/10/1812:00 PM
Bangor High School Project Grad06/10/1810:00 PM
Mt. Ararat High School Project Grad06/10/183:30 PM
China Middle School 8th Grade Grad Party06/19/1810:00 AM
G-force Laser Tag, is best described as "like getting inside a video game", challenges players with games of increasing skill and strategy. This keeps you interested in the game, provides the occasional player with a wide array of options and games to try out, and maintains G-force Laser Tag’s reputation as, "THE GAME THAT RUNS ON ADRENALINE, NOT BATTERIES."

Call us today at (207) 227-5562 speak with a G-Force Laser Tag representative and schedule the BEST Birthday Party or Special Event on this planet!!

Also Available Corporate Outings, Fund Raising, Adventure Camp, Team Building Events, Grad Nights, Youth Center Activities, Family Get-Togethers, Fairs, and Special Events or Just Plain Laser Tag Fun!!!.

Remember We Travel Anywhere On Our Planet For Laser Tag Events.